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The electronics industry in Europe has experienced one of the biggest single changes since it started. The Restriction of the use of certain of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, in place in July 2006, meant that many parts of the Industry had to change from tin/lead solder used to join the electronic components to the printed circuit boards (PCB) to a lead-free solder (LFS).

Due to these restrictions, it was quite important to make aware and prepare SMEs for the replacement of the existing soldering technology by other using LFS.

Final Project Meeting
ISQ, Porto Salvo, Portugal
07 September 2007

LEADOUT, LowCost Lead-Free Soldering Technology to Improve the Competitiveness of European SMEs , was one of the largest European funded Projects, on lead-free technologies under the scope of 6th Framework SME oriented activities. It was a three year project and the consortium, comprising 31 partners from 10 European Countries, (11 Industrial Associations, 16 SME’s and 4 Research Institutes), had its kick-off meeting in October 2004.

The main objective of the project was to provide technical support to a wide range of SMEs spread all over Europe in the development of technological solutions for the problems resulting from the replacement of tin-lead solders in the electronics industry. The project also covered environmental impact and life cycle evaluation as well as lead free process benchmarking.

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The LEADOUT consortium reserves all the Copyright of the results produced and it is not responsible for the wrong use of the information made available to public neither for any modification produced by external parties.


ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Portugal)
Mrs. Margarida Pinto -

TWI ( United Kingdom )
Dr. Simon Mason –


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Inspection - Can you show me typical examples of lead-free solder joints?

Inspection - When I first start to receive boards with lead-free solder joints what inspection criteria should I use?

Inspection - During inspection we have seen some lifted solder fillets after wave soldering, is this common and is is a reliability concern?

Project funded by the European Commission.
European Commission


Project Contacts:

ISQ-Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
Mrs. Margarida Pinto
Telf: 351-214229044

TWI, Ltd
Dr. Simon Mason
Telf: 44 (0) 1223 891 162
Fax:44 (0) 1223 892 588