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Practical Failure Analysis & LGA Workshops

24 & 25th October 2007, St Albans, UK

Land Grid Array (LGA) Quad Flat No-lead (QFN) Design, Assembly & Rework & Step by Step Electronics Failure Analysis Workshops & at Tin Technology in October.

Tin Technology & Bob Willis will be running two workshops in October limited to 20 engineers per event. The workshop on failure analysis brings together the practical and sophisticated methods of determining the root cause of failures on printed boards, components, materials and solder joints and identifying the common cause of failures. The workshop is packed with different techniques, failure modes and is illustrated with many case studies examined over many years.

LGA & QFNs have fast become a common package type often used in many professional portable products. With any new device there is always a learning curve for design, process and quality engineers who have to get to grips with the challenges that these leadless packages bring, hence the creation of this Tin Technology workshop

Inspection, quality control with the higher temperatures of lead-free plus rework are just some of the challenges faced. During the workshop there will be time to examine sample joints with x-ray, SEM, see how to microsection packages, test parts for RoHS compliance and asses solderability of the terminations.

Workshops take place at Tin Technology, St Albans. For further details of the workshops and a booking form go to

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