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Lead-Free Wave & Selective Soldering Workshop

5th December 2007, Wiltshire, UK

For many organisations through hole components will remain a reality for many years. More and more surface mount components are used in design, through hole is in decline, however the reality is connectors, transformers, switches, LCD displays and electrolytic capacitors are sill necessary in many products. So what is the most reliable and cost effective solution to through hole soldering in a lead-free environment?

Explanations, new innovations and practical advice are available on Tuesday 5th December !!!!!

Who should attend?
This event is ideally suited to engineers, quality and inspection staff, production operators and any member of staff tasked with looking at yield monitoring and process improvements on their soldering processes. Managers and supervisors would also benefit from a fuller understanding of the issues currently being experienced in industry.

The workshop will cover:
   - Why use selective soldering
   - User experience of selective and wave soldering with lead-free
   - PCB design rules for selective soldering
   - Flux requirements for wave and selective soldering
   - Compatibility of solder masks and lead-free solder
   - Setting up lead-free profiles
   - Solder alloy choices
   - Cost of lead-free process operation
   - Inspection criteria for lead-free joints
   - Copper dissolution with selective and wave soldering
   - Soldering defects on selective and wave – Causes and Cures

For futher details about this workshop please download the following file:
wave2007.pdf (255Kb)